Case Study: Trade Shows – Tote Bags

Trade Show Tote Bags

Meeting planners gave tote bags to attendees as a registration gift at their national tradeshow.  They were offered in multiple colors and decorated with sponsor logos, the totes contained schedule information, an exhibition map and a chance to win a free iPod at at sponsoring exhibitor’s booth.
Evan is a Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and has […]


The Power of the PEN

Goofy Pen

The POWER of the pen!  
This goofy pen generated a 72% participation rate in an employee opinion survey.
Here’s how it worked:  The internal communications department created a campaign called “Hu Hu” (Help Us Help u).  This pen was the product selected to motivate and engage the employees becuase it’s functional yet fun.  It couldn’t be […]


Pencilheads-Cicero Magazine

Pencilheads graphic

In this case study, Cicero Magazine’s positive answers for interview requests rose from
35%  to  65%!
Pencilheads-Cicero Magazine (video)
The power of the promotional product!
Evan is a Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and has been immersed in the promotional products industry for over a decade.
Working together with her clients, she determines which product will best represent their image, goals, […]


Chocolate To The Rescue!


Our customer ordered IRS bars with their imprint on the back of the wrapper and handed out the bar to a customer who then lost their purse and briefcase (bar inside)!  Purse and briefcase were found (without ID), but the Good Samaritan called the phone number that was imprinted on the back of the chocolate bar wrapper […]


Make An Experience Rather Than A Gift

Maui Jim

Ford Motor Company brought their top car dealers to Boca Raton, Florida to honor them for achieving the President’s Award recognizing best customer service.  Maui Jim was one of several incentive gifts displayed in a galleria for recipients who were allocated event currency to spend in the galleria, typically redeeming one or two items.  The galleria was […]


Give Us Your Blood & We’ll Give You Music


Red Cross needed an incentive that would motivate people to register in the organization’s online database.  The solution?  A “Summer Scratch-Off Sweepstakes” digital download promotion.
Red Cross distributed 200,000 flyers to people who visited Red Cross locations, each featuring a mystery code guaranteed to win a prize.  Most codes contained music downloads good for either one […]


Aren’t Penguins cute!?


Giveaway for Exhibit Grand Opening
Woodland Park Zoo – Seattle, Washington

A cookie cutter in the shape of a penguin was created for the opening of the Woodland Park Zoo’s Humboldt penguin exhibit and paired with an attached recipe card that included their logo and a sugar cookie recipe.
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Intoxicating Message

Wine Tote

I had a dinner party a couple of weeks ago.   Actually, it was a wine tasting disguised as a dinner party.   Well you do need to eat something, right?  Along with the lasagna, we thought it would be fun to see if any of us really knew anything about wine.  We picked the […]


You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream.

Zemoga Case Study

An artisanal ice cream truck gets plenty of attention.
Instead of fighting to catch the eye of Advertising Week attendees, digital media agency Zemoga went after the sweet tooth. At the annual conference of marketing and advertising professionals held in New York City at the end of September, Zemoga skipped the traditional booth and got its […]


The Power of Swag


The new big-screen thriller, Buried, has received early buzz for star Ryan Reynolds, the only actor on-screen for virtually the entire film.  But Reynolds, as a kidnapped truck driver trapped in an underground coffin, isn’t the only star of the movie:  the Zippo lighter he’s lucky enough to have in his pocket also plays a […]